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P. Michelle Grier-Hall, MD, FAAP and Dina Jaalouk, MD, FAAP

We'll be there for you not only for
their FIRST STEPS in life
but every step along the way!

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This is a wonderful and exciting time for you! Raising your child will be an incredibly
rewarding adventure. You will need to make many important decisions regarding your child's
well-being and choosing the right pediatrician will be one of them. We understand how
important that decision is. At First Steps Pediatrics we strive to provide quality medical care
with a personal touch. We believe that expectant Moms should have the peace of mind that
comes with knowing their child is in the best hands.

Due to a very busy office practice, Dr. Grier-Hall and Dr. Jaalouk no longer make daily
rounds at Sacred Heart Hospital, but rely on the excellent services of the pediatric hospitalist
team to care for our newborns . They would be delighted to see your newborn for us when
he or she arrives in the world. When you arrive at the hospital, indicate which one of our
physicians you have chosen as your pediatrician. The pediatric hospitalists and residents will
round on your baby each day and keep you updated on your baby’s health until he or she is

If you would like your son to be circumcised, we encourage our parents to have
this done prior to hospital discharge or have it scheduled with your Ob/Gyn after
hospital discharge
. Circumcisions should ideally be done prior to the age of 4 weeks and
10 pounds. Our pediatricians can perform ear piercings on baby girls starting at 4 months of
age if this is desired by the parents. If you are delivering your baby at a hospital other than
Sacred Heart Hospital, a community pediatrician will visit your newborn infant. First Steps
Pediatrics will assume full care of your baby once a follow-up visit to our office is made.

Your baby’s first visit to our office is determined by the experience in the hospital. The follow-
up visit depends on several factors. For example, if you are a first time breast-feeding mom,
we will likely see you within 3-5 days after discharge. If your baby has jaundice or any
feeding problems in the hospital, the first visit may also be within 3-5 day after discharge. If
you are an experienced mom and/ or your baby demonstrated adequate feedings while in
the hospital without any other complications, your first appointment may be at the routine 2
week well baby check up. The physician that discharges your baby will let you know when to
come in to the office.

As mothers themselves, our pediatricians will be able to give you the perfect advice you
need to ensure your child’s well being in pursuit of excellent health. Dr. Grier-Hall and Dr.
Jaalouk will be there for you when they take their first steps in life and every step along the

First Steps Pediatrics would consider it an honor to take care of your little one. Together we
will ensure that your child is given the very best care possible.
Upon discharge, call our
office at (850) 478-1244 to schedule your newborn baby's first appointment.
 We look
forward to hearing from you soon!